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Apr 4, 2011

To Attract a Junior

“오늘부터 내 가방 들어” 뭐라??!! 저 싸가지, 나이도 한 살 어린게 누구더러 꼬봉노릇을.... -하...할게....해야지, 포커스의 명령이신데..^^ 머리보다 주먹이 앞서고 눈치는 먹통인 정해이에게도 두근대는 첫사랑이 시작됐건만 안타깝게도 동생의 남친(?) 가슴앓이를 숨기고 어설픈 방어막으로 선택한 게 하필이면 전국 서열1위 현태영. 단순한 해이에게 험난한 사랑이 예고되다?!

Title: To Attract a Junior
Associated Names:
한살연하 유혹하기
Story&Art: HWANG Mi-Ri
Genre: Romance | School Life | Shoujo
Status: 9 Volumes (Complete)
Year: 2010

[RAW-Korean] To Attract a Junior v01 [Download] [Mirror]
[RAW-Korean] To Attract a Junior v02 [Download] [Mirror]
[RAW-Korean] To Attract a Junior v03 [Download] [Mirror]
[RAW-Korean] To Attract a Junior v04 [Download] [Mirror]
[RAW-Korean] To Attract a Junior v05 [Download]
[RAW-Korean] To Attract a Junior v06 [Download]
[RAW-Korean] To Attract a Junior v07 [Download]
[RAW-Korean] To Attract a Junior v08 [Download]
[RAW-Korean] To Attract a Junior v09 [Download]


daniela said...

thanks you¡¡¡

cherry said...

It was amazing! but it a bit hard to download when i'm not a filesonic's premium member! ^^ i'll be easier if u upload it on mediafire!^^

Aya001 said...

Thanks, been looking for the raws and couldn't find it anywhere...^^

BTW I saw a new manwha that is being translated also of Hwang Mi Ri, Nan eomma Nun Appa (난 엄마 넌 아빠) but I can't find the raws anywhere, and there are 12 volumes and ongoing... you have them to share them???

Anyway thanks for all the raws, I always end here downloading them because this is the only place I can find them

THANKS!!! ^^

ragedislikes said...

Agree with Aya001.
Please up 난 엄마 넌 아빠 if possible.
Thank you.

sukasukayuks said...

the link for v 9 has been deleted please upload again...

Uniquelletes said...

I tried to reupload vol 7~9 with mediafire, i hope this works! I will try to upload the rest if i find them. This will be done under Kangta's permission. I hope you guys enjoy this manhwa!!

Vol.7 :
Vol.8 :
Vol. 9 :