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Jan 27, 2011

Korean Raws: "Tiara"

Taken from Fateful Encounters:
Prashian is an aristocratic line gifted with 500 years of life and special powers. Elan are "normal people" who live 100 years. In this place where these two "peoples" live together, there is a Litra Palia living in among them without knowing her own name. Following the orders of servants, she lives off the charity provided by the Prashian among the Elan. She is but a "pet".

Title: Tiara
Associated Names:
Author: LEE Yun Hee
Artist: Kara
Genre: Comedy | Fantasy | Romance | Shoujo
Status: 8 Volumes (Ongoing)
Year: 2009

Chap. 1-67 - Mirror
Chap. 68-73 - Mirror


Seung Hyun said...

Thank you so much for this manhwa >.< I love it <3 but how much more chapters are there?? I hope you upload them as soon as possible~!!!

esther said...


Reiko said...

This series is fantastic ^^ Could you please reupload [Raw-Korean] Tiara volume 1 chapter 01-08 | Download | Mirror
[Raw-Korean] Tiara volume 2 chapter 09-16
[Raw-Korean] Tiara volume 3 chapter 17-24
[Raw-Korean] Tiara volume 4 chapter 25-32
[Raw-Korean] Tiara volume 5 chapter 33-40
[Raw-Korean] Tiara volume 6 chapter 41-48 |
[Raw-Korean] Tiara volume 7 chapter 49-54 |

It would be better if you uploaded them on mediafire because the files don't get deleted after a certain amount of time. Thanks for uploading.

Jin said...

thank you; been reading this and its quite enjoyable. The authors previous work were not that great but this one is quite good.

Rainy said...

Thanks a lot!
Could you please reupload them on mediafire? The link for chap 68-73 is okay, but the other for chap 1-67 is not working properly. Thanks again

Suyeon Han said...

I absolutely thank you with all my heart! I've been looking for this manhwa for such a long time! Thank you very very much for uploading it~

candycane said...

Can your plz reupload chap 68-73 on mediafire?? because the link you uploaded on now does not work... thanks!!!

vpyuuki chan said...

Umm sorry but the ones filesonic can't be accessed anymore could you reupload them? please thanks

Ashleyxoxo said...

i clicked on 1-67 and went to the page that said if it is my file then i must log in to see the file but i dont know the username what should i do??? plz help!!

Tiara said...

If u could... can u plz upload more chapters??? I heard that chapter 74-81 came out!!! Thank You

alexa said...

Thank you so much for this manhwa
on 1-67 unfortunately are no longer or were deleted could please fix it
thank you very much

RiteraPeiria2219 said...

can you please upload more chap??? i heared chap74-83 is come out , thanks

Tiara said...

Pleaseeeeeeeeeee upload more chapters T^T

elf_cass_4ever said...

i can't download =="

tchiu said...

when will you upload the next chapter 74??? I waited for so long already !! T.T

WhiteWolf422 said...

Could you please fix the link chapter 1-67?!
Sorry to bother you

Tina Huyen said...

As the ppl above said, could you reupload the chapters 1-67 please?
I really want to read it or could anyone sent it to me?
Here my Email:

Thank you very much!

Sorry to bother you guys though.. ;(

Marie Peraren said...

uhhmmm... please Fix the Problem in the Chapters 1-67 - Mirror PLEASE! :)

kritee Huloomaun said...

please can anyone upload chapter 36 onwards for me.... here"s my email address
I've tried my best to dowload them but i'm unable to... It would be great if anyone could help me...
thanks in advance...

Sephora Bergiste said...

Is thee anyway all the links could be updated? They are no longer working and I would LOVE to see what happens next in this manhwa!

My e-mail address is

Thank you!