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Mar 19, 2011

Kinjiki - Hanagatami Koiuta

There is an old tale about a great dancer and the woman who fell in love with him. Although they loved each other deeply their families were opposed and the two were torn apart. Now the story repeats itself, only this time is not just their families but a cold hearted man who comes between them....will their love be able to withstand the obstacles or will our heroine just learn to love that cold hearted beast?

Title: Kinjiki - Hanagatami Koiuta
Associated Names:
禁色 -花筐恋歌-
Kinjiki - Hanagatami Koi Uta
Story&Art: OSAKABE Mashin
Genre: Drama | Mature | Romance | Shoujo | Smut
Status: 3 Volumes (Complete)
Year: 2005


dianamartins said...

Where can I find a manga named "Gekka Mugentan" raw? Anyone? Can someone post it here?

daniela said...

woooooo o.o good¡¡¡

marimar13 said...

tank you verry much for sharing this manga, i like it so much.